Podcast processing isn't our only expertise. With our wide ranging knowledge of the audio world, we should be able to accommodate the vast majority of your needs!


If you happen to be a youtube streamer and would like to find out how many people use subtitles on your content, head to your creator studio and select 'Analytics' . Then hit the 'Build an Audience' tab and scroll to the bottom of the page. Here you will find data on the percentage of users that apply captions.


Our engineers ​are fully trained to work on large audio book projects without glossing over any details or cadences that make certain speakers so enthralling to listen to. 

Or perhaps you are an unpublished writer, lecturer or independent book publisher who sees the promise in recording your work in audio form to reach a wider audience.


Need an alternative voice to read out advertisements or offers? Choose from our list of talented voice actors that have years of experience catching the attention of listeners and putting the emphasis on what matters!



We are able to broaden the accessibility of your podcast to those with hearing impairments by creating captions for your podcast videos. Simply drag and drop our captioned file to your hosting platform and the subtitles will be completely in sync with your video.*


There's nothing quite like great intro music or a catchy soundbite to set your podcast off in style and make it instantly more recognisable. This music or an 'audio logo' can be even more essential for brand awareness than traditional logo images (think McDonalds, Playstation or Netflix).

All of our music and short indents are made in-house so you will be comfortable knowing that you and you alone have sole copyright over the material (unless other agreements are in place). Ask for our catalogue of sounds today!

Musical Indent Example
00:00 / 00:06
Ad Music Overdub
00:00 / 00:36


Wether you are a seasoned veteran of the podcast community or just finding your feet, having somebody there to bounce ideas off is one of the most important aspects to realising your vision. We can give you advice on everything from microphone choice to hosting technicalities.


If your long form podcast is available on Youtube or any other video streaming platform, cutting up the entire episode into clips can be a great way for your audience to easily share your content. We can create several 'bite size' sections from long episodes while generating catchy titles that will grab the attention of potential listeners.